How Things Worked Out

from by DOWNHAUL



I took your phone call in my parents' unfinished basement
I guess I somehow thought the echo made me sound taller

And you knew exactly just who I was
And at the time that probably made one of us
And you were the sum total of every equation that I had ever known
Which was admittedly few

Well I ended up in your town late last summer
And we planned to meet for dinner
But I flaked when you filled me in
It was obvious and I'm still embarrassed, somewhere between self-centered and self-preservation
So now we've got even less to show for all these years of whatever we haven't been
But I can't resent you
If anything, it's my fault--but how the hell am I supposed to cope when half the state belongs to you?

Now I only come home about twice a year
I'm not proud to say that, it's just how things work out
Now I an extra two and a half miles east just to avoid the bank where your mom works
And I know it's total vanity to assume she'd have even the slightest clue as to who I am
But that's all I've got

Well no one in my life now
Would even recognize your name
But I felt a a little better when I realized
You could surely say the same


from About Leaving, released April 24, 2017



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