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3L Podcast Bro, how can you not love an emo-punk, math rock, soft rock band?
These guys are everything that you've ever needed to hear but didn't know you needed to hear. Favorite track: SMAK.
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released February 16, 2018

YOU CAN BUY THIS ON VINYL AT: downhaul.storenvy.com/products/23065260-where-we-started-ep

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Recorded by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC
Mastered by Jesse Cannon


all rights reserved



DOWNHAUL Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: Double Time
Well if green is supposed to be
the color of natural growth
I can say I've tried
I can say I've tried
And the sky down here is twice as clear
The buildings are half as tall
But no one seems to mind
Nobody seems to mind
It's the freedom of anonymity
In a place where nobody knows me
I can round any corner without running into you--any of you
But it's all brick to me now
As far as the eye can see
So here's a
Little whim about leaving where we started

Well I was trapped under an awning
Waiting out the pouring rain, it's a mess that I've made
As usual
Oh and I never expected to miss it here
The calendar turned or at least that's what I'm told
Somehow a year on King Street
And although the weeks go by at a totally static rate
These days it feels like double time

Well it was just last week Pat mentioned
He'd be leaving part of himself here, which rang true
With my own sentiments
And as I'm walking down South Elm Street
For what may be one of the last times I do,
It gets hard to turn toward home
And as the sun sets on another season of my life, I curse this selfish transience
Track Name: SMAK
Now I guess I've got
Something to think about
Other than myself
For once
It's a permanent toothache
It's a shiver you can't shake
And I'm not necessarily sure how to do this right

Now I took this time
To do the things I needed
Which I hope you can understand, or at least relate to
But you're free to resent me
I've deserved it lately
Although I'm not necessarily sure I should say this tonight

You should know I've got things to do
Other than break my teeth on you
But I find myself outside your house on a weekday night in June
I don't know where to go from here
The mall's closed and it's pouring
Your roommate is terrible don't tell her I said so
She may already know
"I've gotta get this off my chest"
I whispered across the car
It's like flying a kite on a ten-foot lead, you can only drift so far
Well I've digressed a bit
Which we both know I'm want to do
The truth is I can't convey all that I gave away hoping it'd make you stay
Track Name: Park
Nearly fell asleep in the park

Someone speaking Portuguese is
Half-explaining God to me
I catch about every third word
We move our chairs as the shade shifts
And with the eight words I can manage
I excuse myself in Spanish
And he tries not to laugh

Watched a girl grow up in the park

At her family's food cart every
Afternoon and weekend it was warm
She worked in total silence
And any I tried to talk to her
She seemed to wince at every word
So I soon gave that up

Hand-me-down shirt
Kid sister in her lap
She's attentive
Yet detached
Watching other families leave the park
As she cleans up
And downtown turns dark
Finally her father rounds the corner
In his pickup truck
He can barely help her load the cart
With his good arm
Before they're gone
Before they're gone

And she waits on the night to end
We both wait on the night to end
Each night has to end
Each night has to end
And it does
Track Name: Coming Home
I still have to take about eight Ibuprofen a day
Which I know is dependency I should kick
There are nights I struggle to sleep--be it, passing trains or, searing pain in my jaw
And I'm tired of both, I'm tired of both

I can't tell whether no one is listening
Or if I'm not making a sound
It's likely a worthless distinction
Of which I'm not totally proud

There's a phone full of people who would do anything for me
Which has always been more of a burden
than it ever has been a relief
And maybe that's self-inflicted
Maybe I should just pick up the phone
But for some reason moving away has always been easier than coming home, coming home

It's still clear I'm unsure how to handle
Demands on my time and attention
Selfishness wholly pervasive
To degrees I'm embarrassed to mention

All I can do is try to get better at coming home

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