Always Talk

from by DOWNHAUL

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Well you always talk about leaving
Like my mother talks about God
At least I can trust that she means it
While we both know you're all talk
You talk about major cities
Like it'd be such a fix for you
As if public transit can help mend your mindset
And erase all that you've been through

You hate where we come from and somehow that's my fault
Our town in the mountains of gypsum and rock salt

You tell me self-medication
Is something you can manage despite all the damage of half-hearted rain checks and prescription pain meds
Your own form of retaliation

I've seen your apartment, I've seen how you live now
You're back where you started, but you won't admit how

Half my friends are homesick
And half my friends are the opposite
You're begging me to promise I'll visit you there
You're saying I owe you one, I'll always owe you one

You always talk about leaving
I'll always owe you one

Well I'm sorry I haven't called, I just don't want to
It's selfish, I know that--I'm just still shaken up
And I guess I just try to believe that you'd be okay
Another lie I told myself to cover you up


from About Leaving, released April 24, 2017



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